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First Draft Of Season


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16 team live auction style draft with 600.00 Cap.

Rottisserie Rules. 16 starting players with 5 SP and 2 closers. (25 man roster).

C. Barrett

1B. Konerko

2B. Bellhorn

SS. Uribe

3B. Glaus

OF. Dye

OF. Juan Gone

OF. Mench

DH. Dimitri Young

SP. Santana

SP. Schmidt

SP. Burnett

SP. Peavey

SP. Brown

RP. Mariano

RP. Baez


Carl Everett

Rondell White



Rodrigo Lopez

Mandritsch (SP Seattle)

Brandon Lyon

Ken Harvey.

Gross (OF Toronto)

Obviously needed to prepare for Gonzalez trip to DL.

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You need power. Badly.

Must be a helluva big league if you have Carl Everett on your team! :P

Yeah 16 teams with a cap makes Everett semi attractive. :lol:

Actually I see 200 Homers possible with the starting bats. You are probably right and I should move a arm with a bat for a bigger bat in a trade.

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True. It is a much more diluted league now in terms of sluggers. But Dmitri Young has never hit more than 30HR in one season. Granted he is in a stronger lineup this year.

It is a roto league, though (didn't see that the first time I read it), and I think a balanced roster is usually the right way to go so Shelter will probably be fine.

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