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Anybody know who is going be sitting against the Bills?

I'm thinking some of the D-linemen like Phillips, Shepherd, F-Meyers and back end secondary guys like Jackson and Farley. But also could be Powel and Wesco? Maybe even Berrios b/c he's been banged up? I'd keep the whole O-line in and majority of the LBs. 

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2 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Am I the only one who thinks powell is a key piece if hes healthy?

Well, the way I look at it Cannon has to play for specials, I mean, why else is he on the team. You gotta sit 7 guys. Who is it going to be? It could be 3 DTs Shepherd, Phillips, Franklin-Meyers (leaving Fatukasi and Kaufusi as the back-end backups). You gotta sit 4 more players- Let say you sit P.Jackson- the 6th CB. That's 3 more guys. Lets say you sit Basham or Langi. That's 2 more guys. What then? Do you sit the extra safety? Farley? Ok. So then you have to sit one more guy. I'm not sitting an O-lineman. I'm not sitting any more players from the defense. It would have to be Wesco or Berrios or Powel. Wesco would leave us without a 'blocking TE', which might be ok- he didn't do much in preseason. Berrios would leave us with only 4 WRs, highly doubt he sits. Powel would only be truly needed if Bell or Montgomery got hurt and even then we could put Cannon there as a spell back out of desperation. 

Should be interesting. Which is why I ask if anyone knows.  

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I was pretty much on point for once. Edoga a bit of a surprise. But I guess Gase is confident in the versatility of Compton and Lewis to play OT if they need to. And they are keeping all of their safeties, which is actually not much of a surprise. 

Inactives:  RB Bilal Powell, DB Bennett Jackson, DL John Franklin Myers, OL Chuma Edoga, DL Folorunso Fatukasi, DL Nathan Shepherd, DL Kyle Phillips


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