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Offensive Line is garbage.

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9 minutes ago, TexJet said:

First game playing as a unit. Not surprised. I expect they will get better week by week. 

Agreed.  Obviously we are still gonna upgrade it in the offseason but they will be better as the season goes on

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12 minutes ago, pdxgreen said:

Load the edge with speed but Gase's scheme just can't compensate.  All those years of sh*tty OL drafts, we just don't have the versatility.  But still, Gase has to be able to adjust or he's just wasting Sam.

Theres no adjustment for a loaded box other than a quick passing game, and the ol isn't giving Darnold time for even that. Years of neglecting OL has cost us any shot at offensive production 

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1 minute ago, UntouchableCrew said:

Not very successfully considering we scored 8 offensive points.

Agreed. Just mean that Sam was clearly limited to dink and dunk after they hit him repeatedly early on on longer distance attempts. 

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Was it just me who noticed Darnold staring down every receiver he threw to.  No wonder the ball kept getting shoved back down his throat.  And Mr Gase, can you NOT run on 2nd and long EVERY time!   Looked just like last year.  How about some designed roll outs when your line stinks?  Or more than 2 play action passes.    Wow, I'm really depressed, week 1 and season is over again.  

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