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82nd Airborne


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1 hour ago, Villain The Foe said:

Yeah, go draft a DT that cant start. Yeah, let a pro bowl kicker walk over money. Yeah, go hire a coach from a losing team within your own damn division beause he went 2-4 against NE which includes a "Miracle" win. Yeah, draft a QB and put the entire offense on him and think it's okay because you got him a slot receiver that the Redskins walked away from so we dont need to ever draft offense.

Yeah, draft a dude in the 3rd round who is so problematic that he cant even make it to the regular season. 

I wonder how our Pro Bowl Kicker is doing out in Seattle.  We didnt pay a kicker, and the VERY FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON we lose because of not having a kicker. 


Yeah, maybe letting him walk over money was not a good f'ing excuse. 




Same Old Macc

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