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Not solidifying the kicking game was criminal


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That was a big contributor to today's loss.  So was lack of depth behind Mosely.  So was pass pro.  So was Darnold missing Robby 2 or 3X.  But in the grand scheme of the long term project here... it was not criminal.   This team is not winning the AFCE.  They are not winning the SB. 

They are taking a chance on a talented guy that is struggling to find his way.  Just like teams do with other positions...  

The error is just more visible at kicker.

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Don't see how this is debatable. We lost by a point and left four points on table on gimme extra point and fg attempts. 

Kicking position has been mishandled. I simply don't understand why we didn't have multiple guys in competing throughout camp.

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1 minute ago, Beerfish said:

op is correct, having no competition in camp was idiotic.


They brought in competition for Lac f*cking Edwards, an above average punter who has gotten better and better every year, but none for a mediocre dick like Catanzaro or complete unknowns like Bertolet or Vedvik?

This was totally mishandled by both Macc and Douglas.

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