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WTF Are We Going to Do at Kicker?

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6 minutes ago, M_Sully said:

And I saw Bertolet miss one. That doesn’t change anything. 


Before his trade to Minnesota, Vedvik was 12/13 on fg (only miss 50+ yds) and 11/11 on extra points in 2 preseasons with Ravens.

Why are you supporting this turd? He has missed his last 6 attempts in games.

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He has a big leg but today he was shanking to the left and the announcers said he was shanking them left during practice. It sounds like a fixable problem. But kicking at Met Life especially for a night game and later in the season is no picnic. You have to know how to judge the wind etc and obviously he doesn’t know this. If they lose even one more close game on missed makeable kicks that could be the season. It looks like the Jets with a reliable kicker could be competitive. 

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19 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

Norway are sh*t at soccer. A whole continent of upgrades and we end up with a f*cking Norwegian. 

Kicker is one of the few positions where you should be able to find someone. There are more than 31 people who can kick a ball in a straight line ffs.

I bet he can cross country ski like the wind. 

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This is case in point why most anyone hired by this organization turns out to be a complete sh*thead. This is 100%, real live, INCOMPETENCE at work. It should be a fireable offense what Douglas did or didn't do depending on your viewpoint. It is the very reason why this is forever a laughingstock.

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