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Offensive Line Optimism... Sort of.


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The defense without Mosley was terrible. The CBs were burnt like bacon. Special teams sure was special. The offense needs more guys to step up as playmakers. The offensive line looked like Swiss cheese, and routinely got beat by 4 man rushes. The playcalling was rough at best.

Of all those weaknesses, I think the offensive line is the one we'll see an improvement in. 

I'm certainly being as optimistic as possible here, but I think a lot of their struggles stem from not having time to play together in the preseason or gel as a unit. Their communication was terrible. That starts with the center. 

For sure there were some plays where guys simply got beat or pushed back. Can't do anything about not having enough skill or talent... We all know the OL isn't going to be a strength this year.

But there were also plays where they just were fooled or looked confused or didn't recognize the defense or what was coming (that's on Sam a bit too). It wasn't always that they were over-matched by brute force or spin moves and such. I think that is something that can be fixed in practice and in the film room, and by just taking more snaps as a unit. They can build some confidence and work on better communicating. 

So again, I'm not expecting them to turn into an impenetrable steel wall... But I do think they can cut down on the mistakes and work better as a group. 

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