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TRADE!!!! but no the JETS....


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13 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

Change title. Ppl clicked on this thread with hope.

yes I know... we all are used to huge disappointment though, so what's new?

I am hoping that we do something... would be great if we could have a competent NFL offense, obviously we need a kicker. 



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Gardner Minshew, I didn't see him play yesterday I know he went 7 for 7 his first seven passes in the NFL for completions. And he had an over 122 QBR he was 22-25 for 275 2 TDs and 1 pick. He's getting an unexpected opportunity. So while his numbers very good he didn't keep his team in the game. But it's his first ever NFL game experience. He was at ECU and then played last year at Wash State and he had a big year and was a huge fan favorite. He was the Jags 6th round draft pick. I saw him play for the Cougars last year and he was exciting. I'm not too surprised if he makes it in the NFL. Foles isn't a proven commodity and it could be hard to win back that job maybe. 

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