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I take no joy in saying this but let’s couple the lose with he knows more then anyone else...look at his answer as to why he only played Montgomery 5 snaps. He was a tool in Miami’s and he is a tool in NY. If he wins it is one thing but when he loses and acts like a dick the media will turn very quickly. 

I was against hiring Gase and still against him I want the Jets to win but he does not give me any confidence he can coach. I was called a hater bring up stats and reason and low an behold the first game he did the same. Let’s see how they play next week but put me down if they don’t win or show very well Gase should be on the hot seat and media will call for his head


here is the coach

#Jets HC Adam Gase asked why Ty Montgomery (five snaps) wasn’t more involved. “That’s my decision.” Pressed on if he’ll be more involved later, he says it depends how he feels. “That’s the beautiful part about being the head coach, I can basically do what I want”
3:32 PM · Sep 9, 2019·TweetDeck
the best reply is yes except win....

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