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3 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

I thought he was going to say Gase should have been fired at halftime.

Out comes our new HC to lead the Jets in the 2nd half!



If he defense holds teams to net 9 points each week you bet his claws are gonna be out to get Gase out of here

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2 hours ago, ASH1962 said:

Have to be honest, the news Saturday about AB going to the dynasty ruined this season for me before it started, I mean what's the point anymore? Anytime they start to decay in the slightest, BB Will make a nefarious move to improve and strengthen that team to become as unbeatable as they always are, I don't care if the QB is 50 years old. Edelman, Gordon, AB, White, Michel and of course #12. You are going to go up against that with our defense LOL? We might see them score 70 points on us. If they lose 1 game this season it will be a surprise to me. I have decided to boycott anything and everything Patriot, and NFL from now on. I did not watch 1 second of last nights joke of a game, nor will I anymore. I mean for what? To get aggravated? Depending on Monday's game which on paper, we should lose easily, I may, for health reasons, pack it in altogether for the season and not watch another snap until such time as this team is competitive. 

That f*****g g*d damned situation with AB has totally alienated me against the NFL and what was once my favorite game to watch has now become something I loathe and will make a concentrated effort to avoid.

So tired of NE and losing.




Honestly I was pretty deflated about the ab news.  Feels rigged. 

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