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This isn’t a FIRE GASE thread...yet...but
Gase’s leash should be extremely short. He isn’t a 1st time HC, and knows the division. He was brought here equally to win and develop Darnold.
We can’t waste time bringing Gase back next year “they need more time to gel and understand the offense.”
Sometimes you know enough quickly.
Bowles in Buffalo in 2015, we knew. We wasted 3 more years for no reason.
Rex in 2011 even after those AFC championship games, most of us knew. He wasn’t ever going to be a winner.
I’m all for firing Gase if this sh*tfest doesn’t get fixed. Yesterday was all I needed to see to do a 180. His offense looked just like it did in Miami. No Tannehill so what’s the excuse now? 
Todd Monken, the guy we shoukd have hired will be a HC candidate for next year. He’s withering away, wasting time in Cleveland. They won’t even let him call the plays. But that guy is an offensive innovator. He made the mistake passing up on him for Gase. Don’t do it again, unless Gase wakes up and changes up the offense.

Too early for this type of post. Cleveland, a team bathed in talent got their asses kicked by an average team.

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