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Jets Aquire Demaryius Thomas


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Picture this: 

Robby and Thomas on the outside

Crowder in the slot against the nickel

Now there’s just 2 LBs, and they have to deal with both Bell and Quincy as the TE/H-back, where he had so much success under Gailey.

All of a sudden matchups become more favorable. 

Pray this is what Gase is thinking with this move.  Q is a wasted asset playing only on the outside.  The schematic domino effect of this can be positive if Gase does it right. 

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Just now, Losmeister said:

Q is vastly overrated by Jets. I root for him. He's a Jet. I ain;t killing Q.

But he is constantly hurt. DT has some size. Was w/ GAse in Denver ...  or am i trippin?

I watched DMT for several years.  When he used to bust bubble screens for 70 yard TDs.  When he would get behind the defense.  When teams used to respect his speed.

Now? He can catch a slant once in a while.  He can catch a well-thrown back shoulder ball occasionally.  But he struggles with focus drops.  He never breaks a tackle anymore.  A rare occurence if he gets more than an arm's length of separation from man coverage.  The guy is borderline useless.

Look at the facts.  Denver wanted to trade him a year before they did.  Houston dumped him after they traded for him.  He barely made the team in New England.   He was inactive week 1.  Then they trade him to the Jets?

Add it up... and you get a big. fat.  zero.

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Seems like an over reaction to be honest. Funny thing of course is that  our WR corps might be weaker than the end of 2019 overall. Q is a waste of money. Crowder is good, but outside of Anderson we essentially have Montgomery and Bell and despite what some think, they are not really full time receivers

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10 minutes ago, DJF71 said:

He has absolutely nothing left.  There is no way the Pats would help the Jets.


I don’t think Belichick gives two sh*ts.

His team is the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl again, the Pats are absolutely loaded at WR, and he loves stockpiling late round picks.

He doesn’t view the Jets as a threat...and why should he?

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