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AB Accused Of Sexual Assault (MERGED)

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28 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

Well if she has texts that backup her story, then it could get slippery.

If not, I imagine nothing comes of it.

He said, she said....but if he typed?

It may not just be her word against his, it may be his texts against himself. 

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1 minute ago, Hackenberg said:

Continuing to work for him= fake story

 The Asians continued to work for Kraft. 

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50 minutes ago, Bruce Harper said:

Big difference between screwing college girls and raping people.


42 minutes ago, Xtina said:

What is it? 

I think he's saying there's a difference be consensual sex between willing participants and nonconsensual rape of an unwilling participant.  And he's absolutely right.  But what was done to that woman, if true, is despicable and whether she continued to work for him or not doesn't matter.  This is 100% on Brown and he should face all the consequences he deserves, including criminal in my opinion.

Just because she went back to work for him, initially forgave him or gave him a second chance doesn't matter.  To me it looks like he committed 3 crimes against her and then was stupid enough to write in an email what he did.

Patriots deserve all of this by the way.

Brown better hope he gets Kraft's lawyer and not Aaron Hernandez's.  Actually, they probably have a whole group of lawyers on staff up there in Foxborough for these things.

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On 9/12/2019 at 6:41 AM, More Cowbell said:


I think considering there are text messages the back up her claims about the masturbating incident, they should do something.  

I read this quickly and my brain registered it as "masturbating accident." lol

I started thinking of AB defending himself, "It was an accident...I swear.  It's not like I did it on purpose.  I accidentally masturbated on her."

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