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Enunwa out for season

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5 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:

Wait, I didn’t even know he hurt his neck again. I thought this was a simple hamstring injury or something! 

He’s definitely done.

and we just gave him a f****king contract. Wonderful.

Yeah he went from my favorite wr 2 years ago to someone I'm just fed up with today. Nothing was even mentioned about him being hurt Sunday. This dude is a waste of a roster spot. Cut him.

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That’s too bad. Good guy who worked hard. You bros crying misplaced crocodile tears over the Demaryius Thomas trade can get in line to eat the D. 

Two things.  One I hate to see this. Man worked hard to get where he is. Best Wishes to Q   Two - I told y’all so. Extending a man with a neck injury and depending on him was dumbass dumb. 

Other than Chad was a decent QB. Enunwa is trash. 

2 minutes ago, Bowles Movement said:

Hard to understand how he got hurt since he only caught one pass the entire game.  If he pulled a muscle running, I could understand that.  But a severe neck injury???

Quincy Enunwa had a severe neck injury that im guessing involved a cervical fusion. 

I had the same operation in 2010 other NFL players have had it also the operation is no joke and its probably not recommended to be playing NFL football if he's having further issues, he's done. GAME OVER CAREER OVER 

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In case you hadn't noticed, this guy has officially earned the "injury prone" label. I hope the Jets can cut him after the season. I want players that stay healthy and help the Jets win. Shine a does not meet that criteria.

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1 hour ago, LIJetsFan said:

F**k Mac and the gift contract he gave this guy.  Severe neck injury, geesh, I hated it then and now I just hate being right.  

and those of us questioning that contract last year were getting buttfumbled, QE went on IR the day he signed the contract, can't make this stuff up - have to bring that post back from the dead

$16m guaranteed for catching 1 pass

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too bad for enunwa.  the guy always seemed to give a good effort and never complained.  hopefully he'll be okay after healing but i don't seem him risking playing football anymore.  he needs to take his money and get out.

but just as important is his cap hit if he retires due to a football related injury.  i'm sure the more knowledgeable guys know how that will work.

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