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Quincy's Contract

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Said at the time that it was a bit like the Kerley extension where you had what seemed like a lame duck GM trying to do something to change the narrative in the locker room and with the media. It was a weird deal. Enunwa had talent and had he been healthy I think could have earned in the ballpark of $10-11M a year. But he was just never healthy and his stats really tailed off as the year went on. I think about a week before he signed someone asked me online about where he was at and I thought he was at the point where he would have to take a 1 year deal somewhere for $4-5M, the way a John Brown did. The Jets really went all in. With the kind of injury protection they were giving they should have been under $8M a year.  There was no need to use a signing bonus the way they did either but I guess they were trying to maximize cap space to sell ownership about the plan they had (and they did basically spend it all before Barr pulled out of his deal. JD subsequently spent that this summer).  Immediately the contract became the new standard for a low to moderate performing receiver replacing the Albert Wilson contract in Miami. Its why Crowder was going to get what he got.

The injury is unfortunate and you cant really plan on that stuff killing you but in this case there was enough of a track record to at least criticize the deal for being so bullish on Enunwa. 

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