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Sam Darnold has Mono: MERGED

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3 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

Anyone dismissing the severity of this(or the fact he shouldn't be playing) I suggest you read the article on NJ High School QB Evan Murray who played with undiagnosed mono and as a result suffered fatal injury because of his enlarged spleen.


Who are you talking to?

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1 minute ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:


Who is dismissing the severity of it? We all know he can't play until he is cleared by the doctors. No one wants him to play  unless he is cleared by the doctors. 

We are just frustrated that it happened. Half this league fools around with random women, but somehow it;s our franchise QB that gets mono. 

Lots of people?

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Sadly the best scenario is to hope that it is not spreading around the team. Or I guess if you think the team should just go into tank mode you hope it does get around the team to force them to bench a lot of players.  Darnold basically has to stay away from the team until he is 100% not contagious even if he is healthy enough to workout or practice before that. 


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21 minutes ago, SAR I said:

I have never heard in the history of football a quarterback missing multiple games because of mono.


That's because the story is so obviously Patriots-level injury-report bullsh*t.

He might be sick.  That's not why he's going to miss multiple games.


Yes, my Tin Foil Hat fits wonderfully, thanks for asking:



Same Old F'ing Jets.  Another season now assuredly over before it barely begun.  Some days you really should wonder why you care so much.  Or at all.

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3 minutes ago, GeraldSowell33 said:

I was a season ticket holder for the Northwestern Wildcats back when I lived in Chicago, and saw every home game Trevor played in. It’s a great opportunity for him, and I think he will do well.

Gase gets a lot of sh*t on this board, but he did get Matt Moore to play well. He can do the same for Trevor. 

The Jets can definitely win games with Siemien. He's a serviceable backup. He is on this team for this exact reason. It's just deflating to lose your young franchise QB days after losing a heartbreaking game......and we are only days into the season. 

Not to mention Mosley/WIlliamson/Williams and maybe Bell dealing with injuries. 

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