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JetNation Daily Fantasy Contest?

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Would anyone be interested in playing in a JetNation only daily fantasy contest?

On Draftkings you can set up private contests for up to 200 people.

I set up a 50 person max, $2 entry with the top 5 winning.

I think (and I'm new to creating contests so I could have this wrong) if less than 50 people enter, the contest will still go live and just adjust awards based upon the number of people who joined.

Here's the link to the contest if anyone is interested I think you can join just by following the link - if not you'll need to send me your Draftkings name:


Again, I'm new to creating contests so this could be a work in progress, but if there are enough people interested on a weekly basis I am sure we can get this figured out and get something set up on a weekly basis.



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