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Is there any level of curiosity/excitement about Siemien?


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Watching McCown and Fitzpatrick play out the string the last three years was brutal. I’m happy to have a guy with a little upside this time around. 

It’s rare that a 7th round pick with an undistinguished college career starts as many games as Trevor has at such a young age. 

Am I expecting much? No, but if he plays well he’s going to open some eyes across the league. It’s a tremendous opportunity for him, and I hope he is successful. 

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Wasn't impressed with Siemian in camp/pre-season, he was efficient
but it seemed like he was always coming up short on 3rd downs.  Was
that because he was playing with the 2's/3's and they weren't aware
of the marker?  Siemian is a functional backup, the question is now
playing with the 1's can he raise his level and keep the season alive?

- The OLine "should" be better than game one

- He has Bell to lead the running game

- A productive running game should open up play action.  Where he should
be able to get the ball to Anderson, Crowder and Thomas

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5 hours ago, GeraldSowell33 said:

Is there any level of curiosity/excitement about Siemien?

For me, no, there is not.  

I am not curious, because I believe I have a good idea who and what he is already.

I am not excited because I do not believe we will win any games under his leadership.

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He drove me nuts in preseason throwing simple outs 3 yards off & those are the plays he has to make on MNF to move the chains & shorten this game. 

My biggest concern is our weak azz Oline. Outside of KO, it seems everyone else can get bullrushed right to the QB & they get zero push in the rungame. If that happens early & we punt 7 times in the 1st half, they need to pull out the old tapes of Don Meredith singing Turn out the lights, the Parties over. 

Because outside of Cleveland TVs will be turned off or channels changed by halftime. 

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