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From Colts Media on Adam Venatieri.


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 Venatieri retiring ?????????This guy is a Colts beat reporter>>>>>>>Stephen HolderVerified account @HolderStephen 12m12 minutes ago
Just grabbed Adam Vinatieri as he was headed to the bus. He said “you’ll here from me tomorrow.” I told him we don’t see him tomorrow. And he said, “Yeah, you will.” >>>>>>>> Indianapolis press suspecting he announces retirement in the next 24 hours.
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4 hours ago, SAR I said:

Adam wants to be a Jet!  He's forcing his way off Indy just like AB did to Oakland! 

Can he play on Sunday and Monday in the same week or is there an NFL rule against it?


Exactly. He won’t feel guilty missing xtra points and fg’s as a Jet. 

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32 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

The colts know what they’re doing they will have zero trouble replacing him

Cool story bro.

We get it, the Jets suck. Should we change your name to PatsfanTx now? 

Yeah the Colts know what they are doing that's why their 100 million dollar QB walked away from the game because they got the crap beat out of him for years.

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