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*****Official New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns Game Thread*****

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Please be hurt

Adams a second too late as usual

I’ve never wanted to have sex with a person more than I want to have sex with that woman.

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Just now, Wonderboy said:

Hey Adams made a play. It’s just another bad one.

Everyone seems to love Gregg Williams.  Well, this is what he preaches.  Violence.  He is okay with the penalty, just to get a hit on the qb.  Baker is already feeling pressure that isn’t there.  Have to keep hitting him.

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3 minutes ago, IndianaJet said:

Where is Trumaine?

Where I told this board he should have been a long time ago...

Actually no, the bench isn't good enough.  He should be cut.


Tru is the worst player on the team.

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Just now, NYJ1 said:

OL is where it's starting and FAILING for the offense. 2nd and 3rd down looked like carbon copies of the Bills game

Jamison Crowder wasn't good enough to be re-signed by the Redskins. He's our best WR. The OL sucks, but the problems are so, so much deeper than this.

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