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*****Official New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns Game Thread*****

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Please be hurt

Adams a second too late as usual

I’ve never wanted to have sex with a person more than I want to have sex with that woman.

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5 minutes ago, Big_Slick said:

Happy to see #22 Johnson on the bench. He deserved to be benched, as far as I'm concerned we should just cut him and eff the cap hit. He plays like a wussy.

Browns are playing dirty and we should plant Baker deep in the turf on every play, OBJ if we can't get Faker.

Might as well. We’re not winning anyway so make them pay 

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Special Teams are no longer a competitive advantage as they were last year.  Slow to the ball on coverage. Trenton Cannon mediocre as a kick returner.  No punt returns.  Lousy punt earlier by Lac Edwards out of the end zone.  Was happy to see the new guy hit the field goal.


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Just now, dbatesman said:

Adams run blitzing directly into the correct running lane, absolutely obliterating the fullback, and never laying a finger on the back as he cruised by for a six-yard gain kind of sums up his career, huh

Not until he posts a video on Instagram of him hitting the fullback really hard

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1 minute ago, Pac said:

When you consider that this is the Jets pop warner team it's at least promising to see the D playing with pride and passion.

It's time to unleash the Falk...  flea falk flicker upcoming.

Considering where they've spent all their capital the last several years, I think it's on par with basic expectations. 

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