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*****Official New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns Game Thread*****

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2 minutes ago, Duckman said:

Leonard Williams is such a disappointment to watch.  Never quite gets there.

Amen.  Sad.

Hilariously, the Jets are just one freak play away from being right back in the game. But of course, the Browns are one play away from blowing it open...


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this team is embarrassing.  skill position (other than Bell) is never addressed. Robby has been severely overrated and Enunwa has never been that big a threat.  Who knows what Herndon was going to be.  O-line is never addressed.  Beachum stinks, KO was a waste of a trade and i bet Khalil wishes he stayed retired.  Edge rusher and cornerback is never addressed. Talk about players being over paid - the Trumaine Johnson contract is almost as bad as the contract the Yankees gave Ellsbury.  Time to trade Bell (before he ultimately requests one) and start the tank.

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1 minute ago, jetswinbaby! said:

Who gets more blame for this steaming pile of horse manure?

Douglas or Gase?

As far as I am concerned Douglas gets a free pass for being handed this turd of a team.  I dont like Gase but kind of have to give him a pass as well.  This is all on Mac.

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