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*****Official New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns Game Thread*****

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Please be hurt

Adams a second too late as usual

I’ve never wanted to have sex with a person more than I want to have sex with that woman.

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2 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

Very douchy post. People are pissed and upset and you just want to rub it in. 

Ok youre right. We should have hired mcarthy. Feel better? Now call your dad and try to fix your relationship. Maybe he does love you but he cant show it

Not necessary dude. 

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Just now, Integrity28 said:

they're not already? you're as observant as helen keller

I'm talking about reasonable people.  the people solely blaming Gase for this when half their offense is out don't count.

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2 minutes ago, PCP63 said:

C'mon. Gase is sucking, but that was all the D. Gase made the right call to go for it. The negative result doesn't change that. 

Obviously not. It would have been 16-6 with a reason to play? Came away with 00 for the umteenth time and the D quit.

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So basically that last play is what bell is capable of everyplay and our off wastes him.

I didn't want to react to last game because the buff def is really good but we can now see this is just Gase sucks at calling plays 

This is Monday freaking night and we are not only being embarrassed but we have to endure knowing we don't have a chance. Pure dumb luck and bell talent we get any yards. 

How does Gase make it past this week as our head coach.

He should be fired there is not excuse.

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