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*****Official New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns Game Thread*****


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3 minutes ago, nico002 said:

Are you telling me they wearing black uniforms with a black endzone doesn’t make it harder to find the open guy? I guess it has the same positive effect for our D

Is it so much easier with green uniforms and a green endzone? Or entire green field for that matter?

I don’t think it means much 

Then again, maybe that’s been our problem.

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the overhead shot of the stadium was incredibly depressing. The stadium is completely empty.  I get it, its a monday night, the team is really banged up, but come on.


I have no right to talk because im home, i just got home at 7 and i have work at 730 tomorrow so its hard for me to criticize hard working men and women for not sacrificing their time for this team, its just sad when you see all these other stadiums absolutely packed and roaring for monday nights. 

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