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Trumaine Johnson


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10 hours ago, David Harris said:

His contract is an albatross- weight around the org’s neck

 Untradable, uncuttable 

Hairston looked great tonight tho

the secondary played pretty well.  they almost made the need for better corners moot.  and cashman played surprisingly well.  but that's what happens when the players are motivated and want to play.  williams did a good job of getting the defense ready.

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26 minutes ago, Obrien2Toon said:

Thought Gase said it wasn’t disciplinary 

You are right thats what I meant... something happened though... he was starter all week leading up to this and then without any justification he doesn't play... sounds like Malcolm Butler situation

Maybe they just saw that they other players were where they were suppose to be... and he never is..

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10 hours ago, Beerfish said:

If Todd Bowles was out coach tru would have started and leo williams would be lauded for his effort this game.

At least williams has a play if you are good attidude.  I would not be surprised if leo williams got his playing time cut.

Don't disagree with this at all, but the other part is Trumaine was also the most recent Jet claimed would step it up with better coaching, and that's still yet to be proven true even one single time for any player.  While at least some level of accountability is a nice change of pace, ultimately the talent level on this team is such hot garbage, it's ridiculous.

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