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2 Bright Spots of tonight’s garbagefest

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The Bright spot is that Gase and Williams don't take sh*t play from players.

The coaching style will get old in the locker room and there will be turmoil. Jets are headed down a bad path right now. 

The other bright side is that Sam will be back for all the easy games on the schedule so he can have some tune up before going into the off-season. 

For all the overreaction on this board, the Jets are still going to win a decent amount of games this year... I love the 0-16 talk... so emotional around here. Realistically I thought that the OL would play better under Pollock but maybe the players are just not smart enough to play on his OL... Beyond the lack of talent, there is far too many missed assignments... Its either coaching or dumb players...

This could be why Douglas brought in Kahlil, Pollock says to JD that the players he has are not smart enough to know who to block so he needs a savvy veteran to help guide them... Doesn't excuse how bad Kahlil has played but still, I think that this may have something to do with it.

I think the biggest disappointment is Leo... WTF... How can you be this non-existent... Anderson I give a pass because when Quinnen is in Anderson gets pressure... Which shows how much Leo hurts... 


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