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Good things from Monday Night...


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Was at the game.  A few thoughts....

Jets were undermanned.  It was ugly. But they were in the game and only really out of it because of two things:

1. Down 16-3 they went for it on 4th down and didn’t make it.  Turn over on down.

2. The OBJ touchdown.

Those two things are what made a game that probably still should have been a loss look ugly.  This was likely 19-13 Browns win.  And that would have been a miracle in and of itself.

Defense looked good but the Browns never had to take chances.  They tried to possess the ball and play conservative.  I think they knew a 10 point lead would be insurmountable for the Jets.

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1 hour ago, SAR I said:

Just a reminder:

The Jets are 1 game out of a wildcard and none of these teams look very world-beating.

2-0 Bills
1-1 Chargers
1-1 Browns
1-1 Colts
1-1 Titans

We'll be 0-3 and then a bye.  OL gets corrected.  Darnold returns.  We go on a streak through the easy part of the schedule.  We sit with 7 wins with 3 games to play and the Steelers and Bills on the schedule.

Chillax, peeps.



Not sure whether to envy you or organize an intervention 

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