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3-12 at home


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Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

"At least we're not the Dolphins".  Oh, that team who will have the # 1 pick and a ton of other early picks over the next two drafts?  Yeah, I'd probably rather be them right now.  

Forgot about the Dolphags.  2nd worst team in the NFL.

But yeah, you're probably right. 

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I sincerely feel sorry for you season ticket holders. Going to NFL games is a PITA & I just can't imagine sitting through that sh*tshow last night. That was Archie Manning Saints football last night & if those refs threw another flag I wanted to crawl through the television & beat them with their own leg I would twist off. They called a penalty with 2 seconds left in a f*cking blowout, are you kidding me? That whole crew should be fired this morning! Had no impact on the game except ruining it even more for me & making it one of those painstaking games I've ever watched. 

Oh, and the Jets show up in PRIMETIME again, LMAO! Want any more reasons why the NY Jets are considered a joke all over the country?

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2 hours ago, dbatesman said:

Maybe you people in the stands should Jet Up more

It is a communication issue. A bunch of people near me were Jetting Up. Giving it their all.

But the rest of us were Taking Flight, because that's what the Jets told us to do. If only we could all join forces somehow.

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