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"We're in the World of Suck Right Now."

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45 minutes ago, slats said:

Nothing is going to be good when you're on your third string QB in the first quarter of the second game of the season. 

0-2 at home

0-2 in the AFC

0-1 in the division (with 0-2 on tap) 

The second half of the schedule looks, on paper, decidedly easier than the first, but they have a lot to fix if they're going to take advantage of it. 

So we can get 6 wins???  I'd rather go 2-14, trade our 1st pick for more picks and build.  But we have shown we'd fukk that up too.

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1 minute ago, slats said:

IMHO, Darnold coming back, playing well, and the Jets winning games in the second half of the season would be far better for the long term goals of the team than just getting a higher draft pick. 

Love to see Joe Douglas make some moves this year to get the Jets a couple extra picks next year, though. 

That's fair and I would buy in as well...   BUT without any seconds, we are so fukked.

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