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A study on NYJ drafting record as compared to the NFL

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28 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Well also if you have one great team changing draft that can cover for numbers.  The Saints 2017 draft was as good as it gets.

I keep waiting for the Jets to have that one team change draft.  The last one they had I would say would be 2006.



Brad Smith

Leon Washington

Eric Smith

This team desperately needs a D'Brick, Mangold type of draft.

I've been clamoring for this for years. And it deserves being mentioned again.... The 2006 draft was a TEAM CHANGING draft. It was the catapult that set the Jets up for their lofty success in 2009/2010. However, the Jets haven't even come close in any draft afterwards right up until today.

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1 hour ago, peebag said:

I've got 3 darts and a dart board.

All I need is to pin up names and throw and I'll be a better draft expert than what the Jests had done.

Sad but true

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29 minutes ago, TxJetfan said:

100% agree! I'm looking forward to Douglas' 1st draft. That might tell us if we finally found a real GM, or are we in for more torture!

That will tell us what kind of GM we have. For me, that's the job. That's where the rubber hits the road. If you can't draft talent CONSISTENTLY, not just once in a while, then you have no business being a GM. That's about 90% of the job.

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