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We are still going to the playoffs

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1-5 or 0-6.

Win 7 out of last 10.

Finish 7-9 or 8-8.

No playoffs.

And if just somebody, anybody... could acknowledge how right I was about Le'V Bell... that would be nice.

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14 minutes ago, Skeet Ulrich said:

Bell has been awesome in the first two weeks, better than advertised. The OL has given him little to work with and he's done everything he can.

The only thing I worry about is he looked REALLY beat up after the CLE game, he's been getting hit in the backfield damn near every time he touches the ball. They've gotta do something to protect him since he's essentially our #1RB and #1 pass catcher

You're right.

And as I stated in my case to sign Bell, typically, he has avoided heavy contact throughout his career to quash the "too much mileage" crap people discussed.

This is not normal.  He hasn't had to fight for extra yards so often before.  He usually could voluntarily go down or step out of bounds.  Again, NOBODY has seen him play more than me except the die-hard Steeler fan and most of them clearly didnt appreciate his game the way I do.

Agreed, Gase should mix in more Ty until Darnold returns and they shuffle the O-line personnel to the correct group.

Once they get that straight, Le'Veon Bell will protect himself... like he has always done before.

And thank you!

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10 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

Dude... When are you going to stop acting like you were the only one who wanted LeVeon Bell? You were doing it before we got him, even though many of us were saying the same thing also. I know I was...

Just because we both wanted him doesn't make you or me a genius. It just makes us two of the people who thought he wasn't going to be a "shell of himself" or he wasn't going to "pack it in when he got paid".

We don't deserve any medals for that, so get over it.

Ouch.  I know there were others.   Several in fact.  I don't know.  Guess after spending so much time in every fraud agency thread, or where Bell was even a hint of the topic...  I just wanted some level of validation explaining why he was a must and that the cost was irrelevant because he was worth more than whatever contract he would get.

Character flaw perhaps?


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14 minutes ago, JiF said:

I was more vocal about wanting Bell than you were but I remember you were and I'm proud of you.


I know.  Went back through some of the Bell threads.  Saw who was naughty and who was nice.  You were definitely nice.

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