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So when do we go back to the old uniforms?


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2 hours ago, Philc1 said:

I’m sorry but the new uniforms look like the lame version of the 80’s uniforms.  If they wanted to bring back the 89’s uniforms just bring them back

The new ones are objectively much much better than the old ones. The old ones were good 40 years ago but look severely dated and boring. 

I have zero issues with the new ones. The blacks were awesome, the green tops and white pants are cool, and the all whites aren't bad. 

Go back to bed old man

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1 hour ago, Villain The Foe said:

I also like that logo, just not as much as the 80's Jets swoosh. 

That is by far the best Jets logo ever IMO. I want them to go back to that logo and helmet so bad. 

It's a good thing you are not in graphic design or advertising then. They are not good on many levels. That doesn't excuse the horrible new logo on our helmet.

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