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I agree that being forced to play your third QB in 2 weeks as well as losing both ILB's will have an effect but I don't  think what the OP said is without merit. Did you see some of the ays where the OL just turned Garrett lose and he was untouched? That is coaching. On top of it, the first time he did it there were two unoccupied  OL on his side of the ball. I was screaming at the TV, how can these idiots not block him?

Secondly, Bechum looked like he was on rollerskates against Garrett. I can see this happening once or twice bit it was all game. Where was his help? Did the OL coach or Gase think it might be a good idea to maybe put a blocking TE next to Bechum? 

Ueah they don't  have a lot to work with right now but the talent not being there is clearly not the only problem. If we don't  score against the Pat's, everyone on this board should be posting about Gase as you did about Bowles. 

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One thing in fairness; we thought Kalil was the final piece to make the OL an effective unit. In fact it was a desperation move by Douglas.This OL is TERRIBLE, due to years of neglect. Beachum is barely good enough to be a JAG guard, and he's the LT. And neither Douglas nor Gase has anything to do with that until now. 

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