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Weekend College games....


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50 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

The true freshman looks better than Franks.

I was at the game.  Boring as hell.  Tennessee QBs stink.  They changed QBs at halftime.  They were mostly bubble screening to disguise their O-line. 

Florida's LT, Forsythe, moves pretty well for a massive guy.  People seem to know their receivers, but I was most impressed with Kyle Pitts.  He is a TE/WR cross mismatch guy.   I was not blown away by either player, but I would put them on my NFL radar.

Also going to include @Paradis

in this post. 

Like I said about Preston Williams last year, my brother is a Gator season tix holder... so I go to maybe one game a year.


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1 hour ago, Losmeister said:

its meaningless...   no pressure on him....  receivers WIDE OPEN...    and then amassing crazy YAC

Yup.  Leinart Syndrome.  Not saying he will be an NFL bust like Leinart, but you can't take anything out of his numbers today.  So Miss is badly overmatched.  He gets to stand in a clean pocket all day, receivers are wide open and big numbers will follow.

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3rd string QBs are kind of doing ok. I watched parts of USC game last night and their third Qb Matt Fink played ok and they beat the Utes. Hopefully Luke Falk does the same thing. But kind of hard to believe the kind of movement in QBs in NCAAF. If a QB is beat out for a job they transfer to another college instead of being a backup. And a number of these guys won starting jobs in big programs. I mean look at Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields, etc. 

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51 minutes ago, Lith said:

Anyone see this bizarre play in So Carolina - Mizzou.  Batted pass, cuaght by QB, tries to bat ball down but catches it and is ruled to "fumble" it backwards.  Mizzou TD.


It always amazes me that out of a whole group of football players on two teams there is always only one guy that actually realizes the play is still alive and is alert enough to make a play on it.  Players as a while simply do not play  to or after the whistle.

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8 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

LOL, I just had a mini 'Heidi' game.  Watching Pitt and UCF.  Pitt scores on the trick play with like 40 seconds left or so they have to kick off to UCF and then....the game time allotment is up and they simply show gloms of commercials and then a news break.

Same here. 

Game was on ESPN2.  ABC cut over to it after their game ended, and then ABC cut to news.  Entire game, inlcuidng last 45 seconds was on ESPN2.  Didn't realize it until after game ended and I missed it.

Won't be hearing much about UCF come playoff time now.

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