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6 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

i'd love to put some o you mokes behind the Jets O line. at QB.. talking all this shcitt about the play calling..  go long, go long...


btw, i am not defending gase so much as condemning the OL. 

also, JetNation=preseason poison...  hanging on every practice and PS game completion...



the line not playing together and getting reps in the preseason is the coaches fault, they still dont look cohesive as a unit

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4 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

Public service announcement 

If the NY JETS win I will be back on this forum tonight. 

If the NY Jets lose I wont be back on this forum tonight I usually get myself in trouble here after a loss. 

Carry on. 


Yeah we really don't have an RSVP system but thanks for the heads up.

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1 minute ago, David Harris said:

We’re basically just a JV team.


i want the Pats to run up the score because I’m so pissed at the Jets I just want them to get embarrassed

They're going to shut them out.  100%.  Which will effectively mean; the Jets will have 1 offensive TD after 3 games.


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25 minutes ago, Savage69 said:

The Rams the Number 2 offence in the NFL scored 3 points on the Pats in the Bowl and some are surprised the Jets with all the injuries and a 3rd string QB isn't lighting up the board?? Can't say your not fair..:rl:

Pats have given up in the last 4 games including the Super Bowl 3,3,0,(0- so far to the Jets). Let that sink in for a sec

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5 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Can’t believe this coach can’t get these UDFA’s and castoffs to score more points against a defense putting up 30 fantasy ppg what a looser

Exactly!  People want to compare Gardner Minshew to Falk because they were both 6th round picks out of WSU but the Jags offense is loaded.  So many 1st rounders and probowler's on that team.  Cant really compare the 2. 

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