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2 minutes ago, rammagen said:

let me know when you learn not to be an assG0le

oooo!!! curse words. i am sure the foundation of your domicile is not made of turds...  or maybe you converted them to reinforced concrete by the mysterious socrcery that would have made the this OL look like something other than what it is under you spell!!! you magician you!

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14 minutes ago, TNJet said:

Darnold is light years better, we drafted the right guy...he's ill. Move on from Hack.

Says who and I hope so. But that’s not my point. my pint is we never valued the QB position until it was too late and our team has been gutted. Instead of McClown we could have let Brisset play, built our Oline etc.  BUT Mac has gutted this team, playing journey men while functioning QBs were available. 


Then again, your a fan of Wilkerson.  hated that bum from day 1 basically. fat Lazy and self centered. 

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