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1 minute ago, Butterfield said:

Nothing he said was wrong though.  The coaching has been terrible.  This team was far better with Bowles and less talent.  Really sad.

He downvoted me when I blamed Mac for the OL mismanagement. I agreed the coaching has been terrible. I disagree about less talent under Bowles because older players regress. It may even be a wash based on talent. Either way, I was making a point about Mac neglecting the OL which is fact. The coaching has been atrocious though. 

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9 minutes ago, Creepy Lurker said:

You have to be Mike Maccagnan. I am convinced. If you don’t understand or see that the line was negelected for 5 offseason, which was Mac’s tenure, you are out of your mind.

Douglas couldn’t have done anything besides throw a Hail Mary. Horrible move but it’s solely Mac’s fault that this OL is this horrible.

You are something else. Literally NO ONE agrees with you at this point which is why you are Paccagnan. 

Paccagnan? I friggin' LOVE IT.

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7 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

1 pro bowler and 2 over the hill players that were bad the year before they got here. If the Jets signed Ty Law today would you claim they got a HOF player.

Bell is the best offensive player this franchise has ever had in their prime. 

Osemele is 30 and a monster.

Kalil is obviously shot but this regime brought him in.  Just last year,  Kalil was playing C for the Panthers when CMC when ******* mental.

Suddenly, they're all the worst players in the league? 

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