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Bye Week Thoughts

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2 hours ago, Joe Willie said:

So, genius ... will he improve if his spleen bursts or worse?


2 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

Most of our HC's (Mangini, Rex, Herm) always went to work during the bye. It showed in that the team put up a much better fight after the bye. If Gases team comes out flat and being 0-3 already, this could result in much more momentum for the Fire Gase crowd.

Have you  heard of this thing called the CBA - maybe you should look into it some. 

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11 hours ago, bitonti said:

they can kiss women (or men)


maybe get a damn wife like all the other monks in the league 

this is professional sports he's the key employee on a 150 million dollar payroll

apparently expecting the QB1 to have any responsibility for his actions is bananas talk

and the MADE UP scenario is this one where Sam Darnold is doing everything correctly and a drinking glass got him sick

face facts he's just another USC QB and all they care about is OPP 


Are you kidding me man? Are you not reading anything I wrote? Only 5% of people are clean by the time they are adults! Assuming a 50-50 split that is 2.5% of the human population that is clean. He almost certainly didn't get it from a glass. He likely got it from kissing. But there is nothing that separates a girl who is a mono carrier from one who isn't. You can't tell. This is a medical fact. One I have learned from years of medical training. This fairy tale of yours where the people with mono are promiscuous heathens isn't based in any medical realit . Don't make sh*t up and post it as fact. 

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