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Rex: Baker Mayfield “overrated as hell”

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17 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

But Darnold is Better than Baker, right?????

So shouldnt the better QB be raising the level of the players around him????


Your hate never makes sense. But when does hate ever make sense? 


Darnold has the better overall coaching and better defense. The Browns had arguably the worst coaching staff in the league. The jets Defense was top 10...7th to be exact, the Browns was 22nd. The Jets had a slightly better turnover differential. Those WR's you keep talking about, well OBJ was 2nd in the league in Wide Receiver errors, which makes sense as 12 of Baker's 21 INT's hit the hands of his receivers. 

The Browns have a better Oline, only because they have Joel Bitonio. JC Tretter is a an average C, but their other guard spot as well as their tackles are garbage.


I have to draw a line at that one though.

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