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Rex: Baker Mayfield “overrated as hell”

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CLE loved Mayfield's "swagger/attitude" and he did wonders for them last year.  But a
smart HC would've taken control of him last off-season and told him to cut it out with
all the off field social media "battles".  It takes too much work to be a good QB in
this league and nonsense should be cut out.  Mayfield is another example of how QB's
shouldn't be "annointed" as great because of ONE good year


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15 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

Braker Maypole is reeling for sure. But his talent is undeniable. The kid can sling it. Yes, he is a dick. But, that is not stopping his success. He's always been a dick. 

This is 100% on "Coach Freddie", as his players call him ... that reaks of respect, right? The guy is totally out of his depth. He fields an undiscplined team and his game management skills are not poor, they are non-existent.  Is that really a surprise to anyone since he was hired with zero experience as a HC at any level and less than one season's experience as a coordinator?

So, as poor Braker Maypole wallows in the impotence of playing for his friend Freddie, he will week by week become a more desparate and less effective NFL QB. And rather than feel sorry for the dire predicament of this former #1 pick, most will bask in the glow of Braker meltdowns as he continually assures us all, in the face of his repeated failures, that he is truly as great as he thinks he is. 

It also shocked me how Kitchens allowed Mayfield to skip any of the pre-season games other than the final one 

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