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Rex: Baker Mayfield “overrated as hell”

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10 minutes ago, CTM said:

I was told Sunday that Mayfield and Rodgers are in every other commercial on game day. Sure sounds like a guy with previous character concerns who is acting like hes arrived already after a single very good rookie season. (Which was only a mildly above average season if you remove the rookie classification. )

He still had lots of work to do, still has seversl physical limitations to overcome. Looks like he spent too much of his time shilling his own brand and not enough working on taking the next step.


If he keeps playing like he did yesterday, those commercials  won't  be playing anymore by November.  Baker has been a below average QB this season. Even in the game he played against the Jets he wasn't  that good save one pass to OBJ where OBJ did all the heavy lifting.  

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5 hours ago, Villain The Foe said:

Im not sure of what you read, though they probably found some cunning way to cherry pick the numbers since Mayfield started his first game in week 4. 

With that said Baker and Darnold both finished with 17 turnovers after starting 13 games. Maybe what you read was the amount of turnovers since Week 4, which is probably true, but then it completely negates things like Derek Carrs 20 turnovers during the first 3 weeks of the season last year. 

Whatever it was you read, it was most definitely a cherry picked scenario to make him look like he led the league in turnovers or was terrible with turnovers since becoming a starter, but when you look at the amount of games played overall...it really isnt what was being portrayed, sort of like this year. You dont really need to massage any numbers to know that Mayfield is a f'ing turnover machine right now. 

Right now he is on pace to shatter Peytons record

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6 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

Here's a stat that will be overlooked. 

Baker Mayfield's targets have dropped a total of 10 passes, which is 3rd in the league. 

7 of those 10 drops....turned into interceptions. 

Of Mayfield's 11 INT's, 7 of them hit the hands of his receivers. 

Go figure. 


This gives me indication that the INT's can be turned around. 

Not neccesarily.  I haven't  seen all his picks that went off hands but the only time I fault a WR for a pick is if after it hits him in the hands, he pops the ball into the air. If the ball grazes off the WR's hands, it's  possibly still a catchable ball if the player makes an outstanding effort, but probably is not placed as well as it could have been. If all of the passes were batted into the air, I then totally agree

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