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Rex: Baker Mayfield “overrated as hell”

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wow.  I know I've been away for a bit, but are people actually talking about whether Baker and JOSH FRIGGIN ALLEN are any good?  Josh Allen?  not the pass rusher from Jaguars, but the QB?  wow.  the guy is a turnover machine that gets saved by a great defense.  makes Mark Sanchez look good.  difference between him and Mark was at least Mark got to the AFC championship game twice.  

and we all know the deal with Baker.  it's his mouth; it's his attitude.  when you are a complete punk, and then don't play well, it gets magnified.  he's playing pi$$ poor right now with a TON of weapons, but I still think he is legit.  it's just things get magnified because he's just not a good dude.

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