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Has NFL offense passed Gase by?

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4 hours ago, SAR I said:


If you are looking for someone to blame, blame God. We are 0-3 because of sickness and injury.  Stop listening to sports talk radio.


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3 minutes ago, New York Mick said:

Mahomes, McCarthy, Watson, Allen, Allen, Adams, Williams, Darnold, mono, the oline, injuries players etc etc have nothing to do with Gase calling a bad game. 

Fair point.

If you're Adam Gase what plays do you call when you have Luke Falk behind an underperforming OLine and trying to get the ball out to "weapons" like Josh Bellamy against some Top 10 NFL Defenses?

Just curious about the "scheme" and play call that keeps our QB upright long enough for him to use his underpowered arm to get an inflated oblong piece of leather down the field to a slow WR.

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3 hours ago, New York Mick said:

Bellamy is the only WR on the team? That explains why Gase only runs up the middle and calls draws/delays and dump passes to the RBs. 

Robby Anderson can't get open vs a CB1 who often has Safety help.  Jamison Crowder has gone from 14 receptions to 4 to 2 over the past 3 weeks.  We have subpar pass-catching TEs (until Herndon returns), Enunwa and Demaryius Thomas are hurt.

It's kinda like putting somebody behind the wheel here and saying, drive faster!



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36 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

As a coach your job is to get the best out of the hand you are dealt.

Gase has not done that.

He is supposed to be an awesome sauce offensive coach, the offense stinks.  He needs to do a hell of a lot better because he has not great record of success in his recent back ground.

(Also as usual people that defended the hell out of every single gm move over the last 5 years now shift the blame to the departed gm for everything,)

I largely agree with this, especially the bolded part, but with qualifications.

While there is a little "noise" in the data in trying to evaluate Gase (First game, Darnold had Mono, Bills defense is Top 5 in the NFL, etc.) there are some things that can't be ignored - He DID have Darnold in at QB (one of the highest rated QBs over the final quarter of last season), the Jets have one of the Top 10 weapons in the NFL in Le’Veon Bell, the Jets were at home and Enunwa played some of that game.  But another argument in favor of the offense that day, game flow.  It just felt like the Jets were playing it safe as they slowly built a growing lead and got up by 16 points in the 2nd half.  I'd probably do the same thing in terms of ball control offense.  Buffalo was doing nothing on offense until Mosely went down.  I'd be trying to consume clock, run a short passing game, not take big risks of a turnover, etc. at that point.

We need to see more.  Whether it's good, bad or ugly we're just not in a position to judge the situation completely without seeing at least a few games of an offense that was clearly built around Sam Darnold.  I could honestly make the case both for and against Gase and the offense right now.

In the Jets first three games they faced two of the NFL's top defenses.  In the other game vs. Cleveland they found out on the Tuesday before the game that Darnold was going to be out, Siemian would start and then were forced to play Luke Falk for most of that game.



I just need to see some more reps with a first string QB before I jump on the Crucify Gase train.  Not saying that I won't be there....but I'm not there yet.


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3 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Gee, i wonder why they have great ratings, maybe because each of those teams played a sh*tty jets offense.

Do you seriously  think the head coach has done a good job with the offense so far?  seriously?

Easy answer, no.  He hasn't found a way to mitigate a multitude of deficiencies against some pretty good defenses.

My point is that we simply don't have enough info to judge him yet.

If I watch Aaron Judge go 0 for 5 at the plate while swinging a golf club do I say he's a bad hitter.....or do I wait until they put a baseball bat in his hand and he gets some at-bats?

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