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Has NFL offense passed Gase by?

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Took a look at Gase's record as an OC and the last time he had a top offense (with Peyton as MVP) was 5 years ago.
Lots has changed since then.  I've seen a lot of posters discuss his scheme, etc.
Wondering if perhaps his offensive scheme is outdated and no longer effective.  We were told he's an innovator by our owner.  I think we may have hired a coach that the NFL has literally passed by.

I don’t know about Gase. Wasn’t a fan of the hire but I’ve been supportive since. My pendulum hasn’t swung as drastically as many here yet either though.

Our OL has been unbelievably bad. I don’t know wtf is going on there but I saw gase’s 1st week sceme as trying to account for the minimal time the OLwpukd provide. Taking what d gives and all and all not a bad plan. That last drive didn’t work but it wasn’t all scheme.

The last two weeks have been odd man. We’re on to our PS QB and starting WR is out as well as our starting TE. That really is a lot to overcome. No matter what people want to think.

That said, I’m not all in on Gase either. It’s just a wait and see time. I’m curious to see how the season develops.

. I’ll add that Bell has been a delight and Adams has been a child. Not sure what that all means Lol

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