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Go Nats!

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10 hours ago, Warfish said:


The Nats have given me what the Jets have yet to provide, a blissful moment where MY TEAM earns its way into the big game/series.

I was there tonight, at Nats Park, getting to see my team win that big moment, seize the day and WIN!

One more series to go.  GO NATS!

Yep.. my daughters neighborhood will be electric. She lives 3 blocks from the stadium.   I may go up for a game if i can get a ticket in the 3-5 hundred range.  How did you get a ticket? I assumed they would be tough to get.

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NL East will be tough next season! Braves, Nats, Mets. Wilpon's need to inject some additional talent onto this roster (ie. bullpen). E. Diaz needs to get his head right, Alonzo, Rosario, Conforto, Nimmo  and JD need to take the next steps in their development.

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23 minutes ago, Warfish said:

I have no words. 

Congrats man!!!

Baseball is my favorite sport and I'm a little jealous, but I'm happy for you that your team won it all, man!!! Your Nats are a very likeable team, I was pulling for them the whole offseason, but it's your moment. Enjoy!!!

BTW        Wait 'til next year. My Mets are coming for you, LOL


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