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Darnold better than Brady!

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47 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

You mean like what you're screaming at me for doing about Q? I've seen the Quinnen Williams show about 6 times now. He'll be ok. A "solid pro", and that's it. In a year, Oliver will be a Pro Bowler. 

The stats 4 games in are pointless, but I can already see Oliver is more disruptive than Q will be. As I said, it is what it is. 

Oh well.


Oh, and I was right about Polite the day he was picked. And I think Edoga will never be a reliable starter because hes undersized and weak. 

We have the same goal in mind, a decent team. I simply have zero faith in them anymore after 40+ years. 




43 minutes ago, nico002 said:

Wow what an amazing talent you have to be able to evaluate a player after a single half of football. You should work for the NFL. That is incredible. So cool.

So this is the second thread that you two are going at it in. I am going to be really honest, I worked way more hours this week than I ever want to work. So I am not in the mood to dig deep and see who started this.

Both of you put each other on ignore. 

I am going to lock every thread I see that has bickering in it. Its a shame because a ton of people follow the rules. 

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