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Jets may not win the Super Bowl this year. More, at 1pm tmrw.

That attempt at humor aside, it's crazy how week to week the NFL has been since free agency and the salary cap. Like no one predicted the Bills to blast Minny in Minny last year as one example. The Lions almost knocking off KC last week. And look at the vaunted Rams, losers of two straight.

Every week is a one-game season and to those Jets fans making the trek to Philly, I salute you.

Alas, if Darnold decides to risk his life and play: Eagles 30, Jets 6. If Darnold doesn't play: Eagles 41, Jets 3. The 2019 Jets offense doesn't score TDs, they've outlawed it.

At 0-4 we'll have the rest of the NFL right where we want them. En route to Super Bowl glory.

Gallows humor, can't help myself ...

Enjoy the foliage, mates! Post-harvest season is always beautiful out there!


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