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So who were the worst players on the o-line today?

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I think you trade for Trent Williams just so the actual QB doesn’t f—ing die in the process of playing out a lost season. This OL is absolute SH1T! from the LT across to the RT. Absolutely trash. Darnold is going to get murdered when he comes back. There is no hope of this unit gelling. It’s quite simple, they all suck. every single last one of them.

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2 minutes ago, TheClashFan said:

Please do NOT trade a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd wound pick for TW or any other vet lineman.  Next year's #1 should be for a LT and the #2 or 3 for a C.  The other should be another OL or a WR.  Please.


Appointing positions based on.rounds isn’t a smart way to draft. You can trade a 2nd/3rd (rather 3rd and maybe a pick the year after instead) for TW and still draft an Andrew Thomas in the first and put him at RT for a year or two with the intent of putting him at LT, long term. Thomas played RT early on in his collegiate career anyway. You can address Center and Guards however from there on out.(or in FA)

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