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Cowboys losing big so Far to Pack

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19 minutes ago, JetsFanatic said:

If Darnold puts up 31, we win.  Our defense hasn't given up many points. Our offense gave up 14 and setup another 7 today.

We've had too many consecutive games of Good defense and bad offense. I feel like we're bound for a reversal of that because that's how streaks work in this odd league. 

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I honestly dont care if we win next week or the week after. The most important thing for us to see the rest of this year is the success of Darnold.

Personally, I think if Darnold does great and we finish 3-13 that's a great scenario. We're 99% not making the playoffs anyway. Lets care about contending when we have the talent to. However as of now the most important thing is Darnold.

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