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12 More Weeks and 6 More Home Games

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I want to vomit in my mouths thinking we have to subject ourselves to 12 more weeks of this and those of us with season tickets 6 more times being surrounded by opposing fans.  

Some depressing stats: 

1. 14-39 since the week 16 Patriots win in 2015

2.  Lost 13 of our last 14.  
3.  Lost 7 straight home games. 
4.   Two offensive TDs this season and one of them was pure luck.  We are on pace for 8 TDs all season.  
5.   In the last 8.5 (soon to be 9) season we have only had one season above .500 and no playoff appearances.  
6.   Our last home playoff game was 17 years ago.  

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51 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

I feel for you guys reminds me of the 1-15 Kotite season I attended every  home game and stayed until the clock read 00:00 my friends and family thought I was nuts. 

This feels like Kotite 2.0, i think we split with the dolphins and go 1-15

The offense is so bad and the o-line is the worst o-line I have seen in the last 10 years.


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